BHM (short for Biebelhausen Mill) is a traditional, family-run business. As both producer and supplier, we provide our customers with high quality baked goods, and we specialise in frozen products.

Steeped in the traditions of German artisanal baking, our history stretches back to the 17th century. 

1928, the traditional mill in Biebelhausen was enhanced by the addition of a bakery, soon followed by a pastry shop. Today BHM employs around 600 people, 

our baking heritage but on our high degree of expertise and our commitment to natural products. 

Diversity & Philosophy


Everything we do is driven by our passion for making and selling outstanding baked goods that meet the highest standards. It means we can cater to individual customer requests and offer a high degree of flexibility in our production processes. And whatever we make, our strict quality control procedures ensure premium quality for every product, every time. 

With BHM as your partner, you will be in a position to capitalise on these and other emerging trends. You will be able to stock the products your customers are demanding. Whether its savoury snacks, breads, small baked goods or cakes, our team is constantly coming up with new and innovative products. Result? Satisfied customers - and healthy sales.


Raw Materials


Baked goods are only as good as what goes into them. That's why we have such high quality standards, not just for ourselves but for our ingredients as well. We nurture long-term relationships with our suppliers. They, in turn, are aware of the high standards we expect. Which is why the ingredients they supply us with are the freshest and most natural available.

In the interests of sustainability, we favour short, optimised delivery routes and use regional suppliers and products wherever possible.


Production Techniques


As a family company constantly seeking to innovate, we combine traditional artisanal baking skills with state-of-the-art technology and sustainable production methods

Every day at our extensive production site in Biebelhausen, our highly-skilled workers produce premium baked goods and patisserie.

Whether they do so by hand or using fully automated processes depends on the product. 


As an IFS-certified company, we can guarantee you the highest product quality and safe production processes according to globally recognized standards for food safety.



          The German Agricultural Society (DLG) annually reviews our products and provides                          independent and neutral results on the quality of our baked goods.


           2019: Awarding the Bundesehrenpreis Award for long-standing quality standard,

           21 gold-winning products and 22 silver-winning products


           WE ARE AMBASSADORS OF EXCELLENT QUALITY PRODUCTS!                                                                            


Biebelhausener Mühle GmbH & Co. KG

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54441 Ayl Biebelhausen



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