The foundation for steady innovation is always experience. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of frozen bakery products, we are able to provide you with outstanding-quality baked goods and innovative novelties on the market. Our staff is constantly contributing to the success of our company with the know-how and the creativity in product development - always including curiosity, passion and fun within their workflow. Something to be proud of.  


As a producer of frozen and fresh baked goods, we take product development extremely seriously. Our ability to innovate is down to the expertise, skill and creativity of our product developers. That's why we are able to come up with unique baked goods, cakes and pastries, made to our own in-house recipes, and put them into production for our customers.


For the eighteenth time, we have received the "Bundesehrenpreis" from the Federal Ministry

of Food and Agriculture.


The highest award of the German food industry awards our quality service as outstanding and exemplary.


We are proud that we set trend-setting standards and will continue to invest in sustainable product quality in the future in order to convince you and your customers.


BHM - the ambassadors of enjoyable quality products!



Biebelhausener Mühle GmbH & Co. KG

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54441 Ayl Biebelhausen



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