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As a producer and supplier of baked goods who specialises in frozen products, we offer breads of all varieties. All our breads are the product of artisanal production using fermented predoughs and sourdoughs. Equally important in our production methods are long dough proving periods and gentle dough handling. Because only then can the bread develop its special flavours and aromas.

vegan WHOLE Grain bread

 51% oats, 36% spelt, 12% ryu

powerfull Whole Grain Bread with extra long freshness.

article number: 76552

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 1.027 kJ / 245 kcal / fat 10,5g of it 1,4g saturates / carbohydrate 23,5g of it 1,9g sugars / protein 10,8g / salt 1,4g

allergen: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled), sesame seed  and products thereof.

low carb bread

low-calorie wheat bread with proteins

article number: 83660

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 1.127 kJ / 270 kcal / fat 13,4g of it 1,8g saturates / carbohydrate 5,9g of it 1,9g sugar / protein 26,5g / salt 1,1g

allergen: cereals containing gluten  (wheat, barley), soy and products thereof, sesame seed  and products thereof, lupine and products thereof.

fitness bread

mixed rye bread with seeds in box shape

aricle number: 83793

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 1.045 kJ / 249 kcal / fat 5,3g of it 0,7g saturates / carbohydrate 40,1g of it 4,1g sugar / protein 9,6g / salt 1,4g

allergen: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats)


100% rye

The bread for all rye lovers

article number: 83795

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 910 kJ / 217 kcal / fat 0,9g of it 0,1g saturates / carbohydrate 45,7g of it  4,2g sugar / protein 5,8g / Salz 1,4g

allergen: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye,)


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power bread

baked with all the valuable ingredients of a rich muesli -

our power crust as a high-quality protein and fiber source.

article number: 83826

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 1.401 kJ / 334 kcal / fat 13,9g of it 1,6g saturates / carbohydrate 40,3g of it 6,8g sugar / protein 11,8g / salt 1,1g

allergen: cereals containing gluten (wheat, oats, spelled), peel fruits and products thereof (almonds, hazelnuts), sesame seed  and products thereof.

Rustic bread with seeds

light roasted aroma & delicate acidity note

article number: 83960

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 1.066kJ / 255 kcal / fat 2,6g of it 0,3g saturates / carbohydrate 49,2g of it 3,2g sugar / protein 7,8g / salt 1,1g

allergen: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley)

lumberjack bread

elongated bread with golden brown crust and artisanal look

article number: 83961

nutrition facts (per 100g)

energy 1.053kJ / 251 kcal / fat 0,9g of it 0,1g saturates / carbohydrate 52,7g of it 3,2g sugar / protein 7,2g / salt 1,4g

allergen: cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye)


HB - half baked product ( deep-frozen after about half of the baking time // frozen directly into the oven // ready to serve in 5-20 minutes depending on the product)

RB - ready bake product ( frozen after baking // ready to serve after defrosting // easy handling without technical equipment)

PCD - pre-cooked dough (frozen after the cooking process // Thawing time 30-45 minutes // then directly into the oven)

CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN, EGGS, SOY, MILK, NUTS, SESAME and LUPINS or products thereofare processed at the production site; therefore the presence of traces of these substances in the finished product can not be counted out. Crosscontaminations in the raw materials used are beyond our influence and are not covered here.


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